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Fun and challenging quiz that can improve users’ knowledge and provide them with digital asset rewards. Alaya AI. Users with Alaya AI NFT can participate in

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ALAYA connects communities, data, and AI through Social Commerce, providing the AI industry with high quality scalable data and full protection of its ownership and privacy. 

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Aialaya.io Company Profile

Aialaya.io offers a fun and challenging quiz platform that improves users’ knowledge and provides them with digital asset rewards. The platform gamifies AI data training, allowing players to complete data collection and labeling in a game-like manner. Aialaya.io incentivizes user participation by offering digital asset rewards.

Aialaya.io Business overview

  • Aialaya.io is a company that offers a fun and challenging quiz platform that can improve users’ knowledge and provide them with digital asset rewards1.
  • The company’s platform is designed to gamify AI data training, where players complete data collection and labeling in a game-like manner2.
  • Aialaya.io aims to incentivize users to participate in their quiz platform by offering digital asset rewards1.
  • Further information about the company’s business overview is not available in the provided research log.

Aialaya.io Product overview

  • Aialaya.io offers a fun and challenging quiz platform that improves users’ knowledge and provides them with digital asset rewards1.
  • The platform gamifies AI data training, allowing players to complete data collection and labeling in a game-like manner2.
  • Aialaya.io incentivizes user participation by offering digital asset rewards1.

Aialaya.io Competitive landscape

Based on the information provided, Aialaya.io offers a quiz platform that gamifies AI data training and provides digital asset rewards. To determine the companies that Aialaya.io directly competes with in their local and global market, we can consider the following factors:

  1. Quiz Platforms: Aialaya.io’s main offering is a quiz platform. Therefore, it would directly compete with other companies that provide similar quiz platforms. These platforms may focus on various topics such as general knowledge, specific subjects, or even AI-related quizzes.
  2. Gamified Learning Platforms: Aialaya.io’s gamification approach to AI data training sets it apart from traditional learning platforms. Companies that offer similar gamified learning platforms, where users can gain knowledge through interactive and engaging activities, could be considered as direct competitors.
  3. AI Data Training Platforms: Aialaya.io’s unique aspect is its focus on AI data training. Companies that provide AI data training platforms, where users can contribute to data collection and labeling, may be direct competitors. These platforms may offer different methods of data training, but they share the common goal of improving AI algorithms through user participation.
  4. Digital Asset Reward Platforms: Aialaya.io incentivizes user participation by offering digital asset rewards. Companies that offer similar platforms where users can earn digital assets or rewards for their activities, such as completing quizzes or contributing to data training, could be considered as direct competitors.

Considering these factors, some potential companies that Aialaya.io may directly compete with in their local and global market could include:

  • Kahoot!: Kahoot! is a popular quiz platform that allows users to create and play quizzes on various topics. It offers a gamified learning experience and rewards users with points and rankings.
  • DataRobot: DataRobot is an AI data training platform that enables users to contribute to data labeling and model training. It focuses on improving AI algorithms through user participation and offers a collaborative environment for data scientists.
  • Quizlet: Quizlet is a learning platform that offers interactive quizzes and study materials on various subjects. It provides a gamified learning experience and allows users to earn badges and achievements.
  • Coinbase Earn: Coinbase Earn is a platform that rewards users with digital assets for learning about cryptocurrencies. It offers educational quizzes and tutorials to help users gain knowledge and earn digital assets.

Please note that the above companies are examples based on the given information and general knowledge. The actual direct competitors of Aialaya.io may vary based on the specific features, target audience, and market positioning of the company.

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User manual

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Alaya’s NFT System

In the 1940s, the third wave of technological revolution was set in motion by historical titans, propelling humanity onto the vast stage of a new era. Computer technology and space exploration ushered our species into uncharted territories. While the populace revealed the conveniences afforded by these groundbreaking innovations, they couldn’t escape the shadows of uncertainty, a fear that this newfound technology might displace them, leading them to unemployment. However, the passage of countless years has brought forth the Golden Age, providing resounding answers to the people’s concerns. In this period, incomes have soared dramatically, riding the coattails of technological dividends, leading to an unequivocally improved standard of living.


Alaya’s NFT System

Today, humanity stands once again at the threshold of significant historical change. The field of artificial intelligence is currently experiencing rapid growth, ushering in disruptive transformations across various industries. With each new technological revolution, many jobs are rendered obsolete, yet they concurrently create a plethora of employment opportunities for another segment of the population. Human progress is imperative for us to keep pace with this era of change and innovation.

In the field of artificial intelligence, the most significant job creation typically occurs within the realm of data, one of the three core components alongside algorithms and computational power. Specifically, data collection and annotation demand substantial human involvement. Presently, globally renowned AI companies collect data from all around the world, but the primary channels for data acquisition are concentrated in developing countries. Unfortunately, individuals in these regions often receive inadequate compensation due to factors such as information disparities and economic development disparities. They find themselves providing top-tier technological services while receiving the lowest income on a global scale. This pervasive sense of disconnect resonates across various corners of the world.

The Alaya team realizes this problem and emphasizes that the AI industry has not given enough recognition to those who contribute to data collection and annotation. This is not only the salary compensation, but it is also a fundamental lack of acknowledgement for data providers. Often, the industry fixates excessively on intricate models and colossal computational power, overlooking the pivotal role of data.

Alaya has emerged as an integrated platform for distributed data collection and annotation within the field of artificial intelligence. Leveraging blockchain technology, it aims to advance the field of AI by aggregating and annotating data. Currently, Alaya supports data contributors through two primary initiatives:

1. Appreciation for Data Contributors’ Efforts: Alaya’s global outreach extends beyond the mere promotion of its data collection and standardization initiatives. It takes on the formidable task of spotlighting the vital role data contributors play in the broader tapestry of the AI industry. This clarion call resonates across the globe, imploring more individuals to partake in constructing a future world by channeling their energies into the foundational data, ultimately propelling global advancement.

2. Improving Data Contributors’ Earnings: Since its inception, Alaya has garnered recognition within the market for its ingenious mechanisms and forward-thinking ethos. This recognition has not only drawn a burgeoning community of data contributors but has also led to collaborations with numerous enterprises in the AI sphere. While Alaya allocates a portion of its earnings for daily operational expenses, the lion’s share is returned to users in the form of ETH. This stark departure from the norm is a testament to Alaya’s unwavering commitment. Unlike other projects that blend blockchain with AI, Alaya directly compensates users with ETH. The more users participate, the greater their contributions, and thus, their rewards. These rewards are immediately usable, eliminating concerns about the project’s stability. This approach is a rarity in the cryptoverse and underscores Alaya’s sincerity and dedication.

In the realm of data collection and annotation, Alaya has already established a considerable presence. With more collaborations launched, the rewards bestowed upon its user base are destined to increase further. In the upcoming future, Alaya will thrive with its ecosystem

Alaya’s NFT System

Alaya is distributed collection and labeling in one AI data platform, in the field of artificial intelligence quality, using the technology of blockchain, collection and labeling data, to promote the development of artificial intelligence.

In order for Alaya to operate and develop better, Alaya launched its own NFT system, in which Alaya collects and labels data in the form of a game, in which players participate in the game in the form of character NFTs, and the benefits of each NFT are different. And for the accuracy of the data and better screening of professionals in various fields, the Medal NFT system was also released.


Alaya’s NFT System

The dual NFT system not only allows players to have a better experience, but also to obtain high-quality data.

I. Alaya AI NFT :The basic component of Alaya, currently open to 15 levels, each upgrade consumes time and AIA.

As the most core role of Alaya ecosystem, it can be freely circulated. Users with Alaya AI NFT can participate in ecological tasks and become an AI data source, so as to get platform incentives;

II. Medal NFT: Alaya’s necessary course of advancement, currently open 15 levels, the higher the level proves that the user has higher achievements in a certain professional field.

It cannot be bought, sold or traded, and can only be obtained by reaching personal achievements, which are used for system labeling and ranking, and to improve the quality of AI data. Users with special Medal NFTs can participate in activities and tasks in specific fields, and obtain excessive incentives;

Under the two NFTs, there is also the important ALP setting, which is set up not only to enhance the user’s sense of gameplay, but also to allow players to synthesize higher level NFTs and gain more rewards.

ALP — (Alaya experience points — Answer experience points): obtained through participation in ecological tasks, according to the different tasks to obtain different ALP, to reach a certain number of medals can be obtained NFT, but also can be used for Alaya AI NFT upgrades and synthesis.

Character NFT contract address: 0x2fDD4D471A1744E0318a0e49AF10508612CC36b6

Users can check it by themselves.

Alaya User Manual

I. Login to the website.


You can register with your email address after clicking login and then enter Alaya.

II. Alaya is a gamified AI data training platform, where players complete data collection and labeling in a game-like manner.

After logging in, you can only answer questions if you have NFT, the system will come with an ordinary NFT identity for the user to use, you can use the simple interests, with the more rewards you get from answering questions, you can upgrade your NFT and get more interests.

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Click BEGIN to start answering questions

Click Train to start intelligent training, players can automatically get rewards.

Click on Task, there will be a corresponding task, and you will be rewarded for completing the task.

Click Report to get the latest news about the system.

ACTIVE DROUP represents a series of questions, after answering the questions, the player will be rewarded according to the answer, for the specialized field of questions will be given the corresponding medals, medals indicate that the user can further complete the field of questions.

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III. Clicking on Market brings you to the Market page, where the player is free to sell or buy all types of NFTs and blind boxes.


IV. Clicking on Referral will give the player the opportunity to share the link with their friends and receive a large amount of rewards, not only for inviting friends but also for the user’s share of the rewards in the game.

V. By clicking System, players can follow the instructions to complete their own settings.

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Alaya’s NFT System

As the field of artificial intelligence continues to evolve, security and stability have improved, and so have the requirements for data quality. If the former algorithm model using the general data set is the rough food, then now the algorithm model needs to be customized nutritional meal. If companies want to further improve the ability to implement the model, they must gradually move away from the original common data set and Internet data, and actively engage in customized data collection to create a core data barrier. At present, the world-wide Alaya data labeling platform has been known for its pursuit of data quality.

In a talk titled “AI is the new electricity”, the international authority on artificial intelligence, Enda Wu, highlighted the importance of data “The rise of AI is changing the competitive landscape for companies. The barrier for companies is no longer algorithms, but data, so that the algorithm can use enough data to make the product work. ……”

Alaya’s NFT System

So why do people in artificial intelligence continue to seek high quality data?

When faced with a poorly performing model, engineers spend months tinkering with product features and new algorithms, not realizing that the problem exists in their data. High-quality data can lead to greater breakthroughs for humans.

High quality data that is capable of understanding the problem you are trying to solve.

While AI systems are becoming more complex, we need advanced and clever human marker systems to teach and measure their performance. Models that currently know enough about the world to identify and classify misleading information will not increase in complexity by using more low-skilled workers. To identify algorithmic biases, we need high-quality data to identify the right world.

High-quality data can drive target functions consistent with human values

Models are often trained on datasets that are only approximations of their true goals, leading to unexpected divergences. Machine learning is about teaching computers to work the way we want them to, and we achieve our goals by showing positive examples. So in order to build high-quality models, the most important skill a machine learning engineer needs to master should be building high-quality datasets and making sure they match the problem at hand.

If we want AI to solve our own real-world needs, we need to think deeply about the datasets that define our models and give them a certain human touch.

Alaya is always innovating and seeking world-wide growth when it comes to data quality.Alaya is a distributed AI data platform that integrates collection and labeling, that originated from Swarm Intelligence and connects communities, data, and AI through Social Commerce, providing the AI industry with high quality scalable data and full protection of its ownership and privacy. Provide high quality bid collection data for AI industry and has achieved exponential growth through its built-in social recommendation mechanism. The community is used to solve the pain point of lack of data and scarcity of labor for AI practitioners and to bring group intelligence together across time and space and reorganize it efficiently.

In terms of data quality, Alaya has achieved the following three things:

I. The theoretical guidance of the discipline of community intelligence, linking global communities, using the community economy to constantly link to everyone in the world, so that the collection of data is no longer constrained by space, and global data collection and labeling can better highlight the quality of data;

II. With a built-in hierarchy and a unique intelligent recommendation algorithm, alaya accurately assigns needs to users with the same attribute tags, ensuring that needs are addressed by professional groups and improving data quality. User data will be an important part of the industry’s best quality data;

III. Alaya’s unique data quality assessment system ensures the accuracy and consistency of data after it is collected and labeled, and addresses errors and inconsistencies to guarantee customers the highest quality data sets.

Alaya was founded on the idea of providing high quality data to help the industry grow. In the field of artificial intelligence, which is increasingly pursuing data quality, companies like Alaya will be the future of the industry.